Dynamics of Social Accountability at Local Government in Nepal


  • Hari Bhakta Shahi Tribhuvan University


Social Accountability, Social Audit, Citizen Charter, Citizen's Participation, Local Government, Nepal


Social accountability requires collective efforts of the service providers and service receivers in which citizens and/or civil society organizations engage to bring state officials or service providers to be accountable. Here, the binding mechanism could be social audit and citizen charter, which promote effectiveness of social accountability. This article assesses how these mechanisms – social audit and citizen’s charter are helpful in establishing and maintaining social accountability at the local level in Nepal. The findings show the citizens’ confusion regarding the implementation of such mechanisms for promoting social accountability at the local level. Despite the fact that accountability is essential to strengthen democracy, it takes time to bring it in practice. Nepal’s initiation to strengthen the local government through democratic exercise would be helpful with citizens’ participation in the accountability process.



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