Politicization of Bureaucracy in South Asia

A Comparative Study of Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka


  • Ahsan Abdullah Assistant Professor, Department of Public Administration, Jahangirnagar University


Bureaucracy, Politicization, British administrative system, Party loyalty, Political patronage, Constitutional acceptance, Efficiency and effectiveness, South Asia., Politicization, British Administrative System, Efficiency and Effectiveness, Bureaucracy, South Asia


Politicization of bureaucracy is a very common phenomenon irrespective of developed and developing countries. This problem is acute in South Asian countries like Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan etc. Indian Subcontinent was a British colony about two hundred years. The administrative system of South Asian countries was developed over the period and the bureaucracy of South Asia is sustaining British elements till now. Though the Great Britain has a systematic administrative system, the South Asian countries are not following the British administrative system properly. British bureaucratic system prioritizes merit in appointment, promotion and in other affairs while politicization of bureaucracy is a great concern in South Asian countries. This paper explores that bureaucracy of Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka, which was once considered as the "steel frame" of the British Empire, is now hanging between professional neutrality and political loyalty. Consequently, the bureaucracy of these countries is becoming inefficient and ineffective to provide quality social services to the citizens.



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